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Fairbanks On-Air Auction

We have two categories of items, instant and big ticket or one of items. Beginning at 10AM on Saturday you can call 907-328-6400 to purchase any of our instant items. These instant items include all of the restaurants and other goods and services that we have multiple gift certificates of. However there is a limited supply of everything, so it is on a first come first serve basis. Pricing is generally 40-50% off of the retail value of the certificate.
The big ticket items will be auctioned off throughout the afternoon on KFAR 660AM, X-Rock 95.9, and 103.9 Ted FM. You can bid on these items beginning at 10AM on Saturday at any time until they come up on the air for final sale by calling 907-888-3987 and placing a pre-bid at the minimum bid reserve. You also have the option of purchasing the item without bidding by agreeing to our buy-it-now/no-bid price if you don’t want to miss out on the item you want.
Have your credit card ready when you call as all sales are credit card only. You may pick up your items beginning at 8AM on Monday at our studios. Which are now located at 529 5th Ave Suite 200. We are directly behind the Cushman bus depot across the street from the school district building.
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